The Power of Sound Healing Training Level I

Private Yin Yoga & Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing | 90 minutes


Yin yoga is a slow down and meditative practice for body and mind. In stillness the nervous system calms and we find ourselves at the edge, a playful dance between the flight impulse and letting go into deep inner well-being. Yin poses held for an extended time strengthen joints, ligaments and tissues and embrace key healing zones that work with shoulders and hips, anxiety and anger, back pain upper and lower, and sleep and meditation. Further healing begins as the session enters an alchemy crystal sound bath. Through yin the physical body has been tamed and strengthened. Then pure sound harmonises with the subtle body for quantum biofield source tuning. They are good vibrations for ultimate well being. Our combination of yin yoga and alchemy crystal sound healing is a precious occasion for multi-level healing.