The Power of Sound Healing Training Level I

The Power of Sound Healing Training | Level II | Discovering the Secrets of the Universe

Taught by Lama Brian & Shannon van Staden



Early Bird Price: €1190
Full Price: €1290

21 & 22 October 2023 (Early Bird Deadline: 21 September)
29 & 30 June 2024 (Early Bird Deadline: 30 May)
23 & 24 November 2024 (Early Bird Deadline: 23 October)


Level II - Discovering the Secrets of the Universe

The Power of Sound Healing Level II, for graduates of our Level I, is based on the key transmissions introduced in Level I. We will explore two key components of genuine sound healing: that Everything is Mind, and Everything is the Vibrating Energy of Sound. Mind and sound constitue the basis of healing and go back to our very origins. You will learn the pathways on which to travel to higher realms and leave behind old habitual patterns which no longer serve any purpose. Level II is a full immersion into the practices of sound and ceremony, creating the environment which reflects and promotes basic health. 

As we learned in Level I, Sound Healing is a vast and profound field of exploration. The very special qualities of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls bring to life a wonderful inspiration and have the power to carry us on this special journey — when used skilfully and wisely. Here are a few of the fields we will explore in Level II:

  1. We will learn and practice the overtone harmonics, which are universal keys of resonance that open space in the subtle body. This space contains ancestral memories and cosmic messages.
  2. The introduction of the most important element of our minds and intentions: the cultivation of what is known as Bodhicitta, the awakened heart. With the heart of awakening we travel the subtle pathways of sound to the higher realms of pure love.
  3. Together we will create an ambience which promotes the power of ceremony. This a safe contained world where we retreat together in group exploration. Group support is a vital component of our travels.
  4. We each have a fundamental sound that we can discover and use to maximise healing. Level II is a gateway to finding our fundamental pitch.
  5. We will celebrate the beauty, power and subtleties of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls through the practice of group performances. Refining our artistry in playing is key to effective sound healing.
  6. We will touch on numerous fascinating sound healing topics which suggest further areas of exploration.
  7. How to listen is a vital topic. Learn how to tune in to healing sounds and promote them throughout your life. Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls fine tune us so that we seek vitalising healing sounds even through nature.
  8. No sound healing training would be complete without some music theory topics. These provide a useful background for our sound healing practice.
  9. We will follow the ancient world traditions of using our voice supported by resounding crystal harmonics. Here vowels and consonants come together in sacred mantra. This is the empowerment of our whole being. With the support of the group you can leave behind any shyness and use your voice for what it is designed for: expressing your true nature.
  10. Alchemical transformation is what alchemy crystal singing bowls are all about. With the knowledge acquired in Level II, your ordinary existence is transformed into an island of gold.
  11. You will relax in a safe environment with the support of old and new friends. Your instructors are dedicated to working with you on this journey. 
  12. The space between your thoughts and the space between the notes mingle in gentle healing and love. This is what we will create in The Power of Sound Healing Level II.

Level I graduates, join us for Level II — Discovering Secrets of the Universe.

You are required to bring at least one Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl. A harmonised set of three is ideal. Contact us for bowls.

What’s Included

  • Elegant and warm training space in central Brussels
  • Colour printed comprehensive training manual
  • Gift bag
  • Personalised attention by two teachers
  • 60 minute one-on-one consultation for selecting or expanding your bowl set, either in-person at the Brussels Sound Temple, or online (value €111)
  • Once you have been accepted, you will be eligible for a discount on bowl purchases *:
    • €50 discount for an individual bowl. View the collection here.
    • €333 discount on 3 (or more) bowls
    • 11% discount on 7 (or more) bowls

Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Discounts are not cumulative. Discounts must be used within 6 months of the Level II Power of Sound Healing Training.

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Level II is only for our graduates of Level I

THE EARLY BIRD PRICE:  €1190. The non-refundable Deposit to reserve your spot is €645. Please pay the non-refundable Deposit 60 Days before the weekend to get the Early Bird. Deposits received after the deadline will apply to the Full Price. The balance of €545 is payable before the weekend.

THE FULL PRICE: €1290. The non-refundable Deposit to reserve your spot is €645. The Balance of €645 is payable before the weekend.

Cancellation Policy: Your deposit is non-refundable. (See Terms and Conditions)

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21 & 22 October 2023 (Early Bird Deadline: 21 September)
29 & 30 June 2024 (Early Bird Deadline: 30 May)
23 & 24 November 2024 (Early Bird Deadline: 23 October)

Venue: L’éveil en mouvement, Rue des Carmélites 117, 1180 Uccle, Brussels