The Power of Sound Healing Training Level I

Koshi Bamboo Chime | Earth


The Koshi chime is an authentic high quality musical instrument. We play the Koshi at the end of sound bath healings for a gentle and soothing conclusion. Its rich overtones form a magic circle of ever changing harmonies that release any remaining tensions. With a beautiful and simple design, made of bamboo veneer, it complements every decor and is right at home with your alchemy crystal singing bowls. There are four different Koshis, inspired by the four elements of earth, water, fire and wind. Each Koshi can be played in harmony with the others.

Height: 16,5 cm; Diameter: 6,3 cm. 8 chords welded with silver into metal base plate within bamboo resonance tube. Handmade in the Pyrenees with meticulous crafting.

Koshi Bamboo EARTH Chime | Tuning : G C E F G C E G