Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Harmonised Alchemy Crystal Set - Sublime Golden Light

Lemurian Seed, Smokey Quartz | Tiger’s Eye, Platinum | Divine Kryon


6″ F+40 Lemurian Seed, Smokey Quartz Alchemy Crystal Bowl

Lemurian Seed taps us into the world of Lemuria, where all information is stored from the beginnings of time. This is a very powerful tool in accessing other dimensional information and wisdom. Lemurian seed opens one to receiving divine downloads.

Smokey facilitates positive mental and spiritual thinking and the art of remaining fully balanced in this moment. Working with the lower chakras to promote creativity, Smokey encourages a firmly footed centering and grounding.

8″ B+40 Tiger’s Eye, Platinum Alchemy Crystal Bowl

Tiger’s Eye carries the energy of freedom from judgment, having no preconceived notions, balancing stealth and vitality, a tigers strength of will, courage and emotional imbalance. Tiger’s Eye relieves anxiety and supports emotional healing.

Pastel rainbow elegance is achieved in our yin energy Platinum Bowl that stimulates the Divine Feminine, relieves stress and depression and aligns the intuitive emotional body. This stunning alchemical bowl unifies astral and physical body fields in a sonic opalescent rainbow bath – a super harmonizer/balancer. It has a calming, steadying, grounding effect for perfect attunement resonance. A beautiful addition to any sacred union celebration.

9″ D+45 Divine Kryon Alchemy Crystal Bowl

The Divine Kryon Bowl harmonizes you with the Kryon Channel for further integration of the Kryon Information allowing you to become an inter-dimensional portal of Kryon. Functions as a Kryon decoder -to be used while listening to the channels to open you further into the quantum dimensions that simultaneously are delivered along with the spoken 3rd dimensional words.

Included in every alchemy crystal bowl set : 2 Silicon Mallets, 1 Suede Mallet, 1 large Glass/Silicon Wand, 1 high quality Ballistic Nylon Case, & O-rings.

All our bowls are genuine Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ made by Crystal Tones®. Made with the highest quality (over 99.99% pure) quartz crystal, they are blended with other elements including precious gems and minerals. Every bowl is unique and possesses an authentic quality of living presence derived from a proprietary quartz fusion technology. This technology produces a stable crystalline matrix structure in every bowl. Thus the bowls produce the purest sound, and are visually captivating works of art.

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