Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Full Moon Sound Bath - 8 November 2022

Crystal Symphony Sound Bath with Shannon


Time: 18:00 – 19:00

Place: Solace Studio, Chaussée de Boondael 584, Ixelles 1050, Brussels

What to bring:
Your favourite crystals to be blessed and charged
Your favourite eye pillow or eye mask
A special friend, family member or lover 

The Full Moon is a powerful time to set intentions, to heal and to find balance.  Deep and powerful shifts can take place and we can create positive change.  In this moment we can plant seeds for breakthroughs and be illuminated by the healing power of the moon.

Relax into the deeply soothing sounds of the alchemy crystal singing bowls.  Vibrational medicine will wash over you and through you taking you into another dimension as your entire body is balanced by the pure crystalline sounds. 

Arise and go forth into your life with clarity, clear knowing and softness, trusting in your path ahead.

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