The Power of Sound Healing Training Level I

Private 90 Minute Consultation : Choose Your Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

With our music theory expertise and refined aesthetic sense, we guide you to your soul bowl/s or harmonised healing set.


We want you to have the best experience in discovering your soul alchemies. We highly recommend that you read the ABOUT page and familiarise yourself with it’s contents. Furthermore, please explore the SHOP page, browse the collection, listen to the recordings of the Harmonised Healing Sets. See what attracts you, and see what kinds of questions come up for you. Above all, enjoy the experience. Many questions may arise and we will guide you in the direction you wish to go.

After we receive your payment, we will reach out by email in order to set up a time for the 90 minute consultation. Your consultation can be a Zoom meeting online, or in person at the Brussels Sound Temple.

After the consultation we are happy to send you photos and recordings of the bowls you are interested in.