The Power of Sound Healing Training Level I


Choose The Alchemies, Notes And Sizes Perfect For Your Needs


We work with you to design a chorus of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. We gently guide you with expertise to create a beautiful mix of alchemies, notes & chords.

You will find just the right balance of harmonised chords, a rainbow of alchemy colors, subtle overtones that dance in angelic healing bliss, sizes that nest and make transportation easy. We’ll explore some chord possibilities that will help you to express with artistic subtlety the kinds of healing qualities you desire.

Alchemy Crystal Harmonised Sets Possibilities

2 Bowl Set: 1) Complementary frequencies that create the perfect connection between heaven and earth (highly recommended); 2) A binaural beat for frequencies that entrain the brain and subtle body for deep rest, meditation, or even stimulation; 3) An interval that evokes one of the five healing energies.

3 Bowl Set: An exquisite selection of alchemy crystals for just the healing energy you require. Grounding, balancing or accelerating beyond, we work with you step by step.

7 Bowl Set: Add additional alchemy crystals to your existing collection, or start from the beginning. 

12 Bowl Chromatic Set: Select 12 alchemy crystals for each of the notes of the chromatic scale. This enables you to play all the chords for limitless creative expression of harmonised healing energy.

21 Bowl Symphony Set: Limitless inspiration and creative exploration. For those dedicated to alchemy crystal sound healing as a lifetime path.

Let’s Get Started and Create A Special Alchemy Crystal Set

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