Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

6″ A+35 Monroe-Utah Hot Springs, Ocean Gold Alchemy Crystal Bowl

Comforting, Calming, Joy


This bowl is all about connecting one with the Earth. It’s energy creates a warm embrace, comforting like a mother’s womb. It allows one to soak up the different elements and minerals from the healing Monroe Hot Springs through sound.

Ocean Gold enhances the immune system and the thymus gland by combining Neptunian pearl-like waveforms with playful dolphin pod and whale energies encouraging a loving clarity of communication.

Included with every bowl : 1 Silicon Mallet and O-ring.

All our bowls are genuine Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ made by Crystal Tones®. Made with the highest quality (over 99.99% pure) quartz crystal, they are blended with other elements including precious gems and minerals. Every bowl is unique and possesses an authentic quality of living presence derived from a proprietary quartz fusion technology. This technology produces a stable crystalline matrix structure in every bowl. Thus the bowls produce the purest sound, and are visually captivating works of art.

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