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The Power of Sound Healing Trainings

In-Person | In Brussels

A Complementary Medical Association Accredited Course taught by
Lama Brian Hilliard & Shannon van Staden


The Power of Sound Healing Trainings present stages of deep healing with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. We atune to the pure crystal vibrations, our natural resonances. Through hearing, and through even deeper quantum sympathetic resonance, we reconnect to our natural state of goodness, health and well being. 

This lifetime journey requires skill in playing the bowls, some understanding of music theory, and skillful methods for activating the healing process. All this you will receive in The Power of Sound Healing Trainings.

The trainings introduce you to the beautiful resonances of the most pure crystal sound. The crystal sound is the reality of harmony, that which we already possess. It embraces us and shows us who we really are while layers of misunderstanding fall away.

All of our CMA certified Trainings take place in-person at a beautiful location in Brussels. The groups are small and intimate. The ambience is protected and safe.

The Transmission of the universe of sound healing depends on in-person contact between master sound healers Lama Brian Hilliard & Shannon van Staden and the students. Working together in this way, you will receive the highest quality instructions and hands-on training.

The Trainings are multi-faceted. Since we all have different interests, each level has multiple areas of exploration. Take away and deepen those areas which interest you most.

The Trainings are designed from the ground up. They take into account and embrace your needs. We also seek to dispel the fallacies and misinformation that has grown up around sound healing. The beautifully printed manuals are an invaluable reference.

For more information, and to book your place, please follow the links below. 

The Power of Sound Healing Level 1

Introduction to Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing

The Power of Sound Healing Level 2

Discovering the Secrets of the Universe (Prerequisite: Level 1)


At Level I, the quality of the manual, the detailed explanations on how to play and clean the Alchemy Bowls, the music theory and the overall organisation of our training exceeded my expectations. Both Shannon van Staden and Lama Brian Hilliard are skilful teachers who master holding and leading a group of new practitioners. I will attend LEVEL II without any doubt. – Valérie, from Luxembourg, 2022

For me, the training was all about understanding the magic of the alchemy bowls and being able to start sharing this magic.  Of course you can buy a bowl (or more) and start playing by yourself. But the guidance of Shannon and Brian has helped me to understand and open up to the depth and potential of sound healing, with all the aspects that come with it. Also, it was not just a training, it was an experience with the bowls, the other students and our teachers Shannon and Brian. All contributing to a memorable weekend. Thank you 🙏 Margot, V, 2022

The professionality, calmness and clarity in guidance and teaching from both Shannon and Lama Brian was unprecedented. Knowledge and wisdom were shared and space for healing was created in an understanding and graceful way. I’m very grateful to have been a part of this training.  – Stephanie, P, 2022

What I found most inspiring was the perfect blend of sound healing practices and the wisdom of the meditation practices that were shared for the benefit of self and others.  I am most grateful for that. Thank you for holding such a beautiful and inspiring space for us all this weekend. Pure magic! – Magali, A., 2021

It was a pleasure to be in your presence and to receive the initiation into crystal bowl sound healing.  I realize at a deeper level the delicate preciousness of each and every moment of movement, words and presence. Very powerful. I felt energized and clear headed. Now I am more curious about sounds …  and ‘tuning in’ . – Katrin D., 2021

I was surprised about the effect sound has on our lives and well being – and on so many levels, and  that there are Buddhist as well as scientific explanations to this. I realise the importance of how I feel when I play and what I can convey to others. It cannot be done lightly. There is so much more than just beautiful music and relaxation. I will be careful and mindful when I play for others. This weekend helped me understand why I am drawn to crystal bowls and how we are connected.  Thank you. – Anna, I., 2021

I was inspired by the complexity of the effects of the sound frequencies and the amazing potential of the bowls. The passion and compassion with which this weekend was filled and the knowledge shared was truly inspiring! – Isa, S., 2021

What I found most inspiring was the constant reminder that each of us has love, joy, bliss and perfection within.  It is already there and always has been and all we need to know is how to tune in and find it.  It is very comforting to be reminded that you are already whole.  Thank you 🙂 – Mateja, A., 2021

I love the practice of combining the bowls with chanting. Chanting works really well for me and has a profound effect on my mind, body, mood, energy level etc. – Jolien, L., 2021

I was able to deepen the knowledge and connection with the singing bowls. To feel the vibration of each of the chakras and seeing the colours was absolutely amazing!  Thank you Shannon and Brian! – Jiayi, M., 2021

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