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Shannon van Staden is an accredited Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Sound Healer, a Yoga Alliance teacher specialising in yin yoga, a meditation teacher and Chi Nei Tsang healer. Shannon aspires to share holistic wellbeing to help you live your most meaningful life. She believes the deep healing of harmonic sound is ideal for the times we are living in. She has established the first Crystal Tones sound temple in the heart of Europe, Brussels. Shannon has developed with Lama Brian Hilliard, The Power of Sound Healing trainings, gives workshops, private and group sessions and guides you to find your crystal healing bowls in the Sound Temple.

Lama Brian Crystal Singing Bowls Europe


Lama Brian is an accredited Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Sound Healer. He has studied Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism extensively under Tibetan Masters and practiced throughout his life. He completed the traditional 3-year retreat and has taught in retreats around the world. He is a recording musician blending alchemy crystal bowls, traditional musical instruments and the sounds of nature.

Lama Brian joins together the profound enlightenment journey of meditation and yoga with the healing power of alchemy crystal singing bowls. He has co-designed The Power of Sound Healing Trainings which bring in the elements of meditation, mantra and visualisation.


When Shannon and Lama Brian first encountered alchemy crystal singing bowls it was earth shaking. After lifetimes of practicing yoga and meditation, and exploring well-being, we found that it was the connecting link we had been searching for. The alchemy crystal bowls are profound and beautiful. We use them to increase our ability to heal ourselves and others, to relax, to sleep better, and more.

We were captivated by the purity and clarity of their sound. The resonance of alchemy crystal singing bowls is tangibly felt in the body. The vibration of pure sound mixes with our psycho-physical being. That movement of sound is electric, the body is electric, the two mix, and something happens. There is healing, balancing, and this happens just through our being present with the bowls and their ever-changing soundscapes.

Communication Beyond Words

Whether you believe in a system of chakras or energy centers of the body, a bio-physical field around the body, in the crystalline nature of the body itself, or even just feeling good, the bowls respond to you with profound communication. Our personal feeling is that it is enough just to have the feeling that you and your world are by nature pure. The bowls, being nearly 100% crystal, are symbols of purity, and actuators of purity, basic health and healing. Pure sound and pure/impure being mix and resonate together in harmony.

The bowls are alive and mirror our existence as humans. Not only are the bowls comprised of over 99.99% pure crystal, they are also over 95% space. Their mostly empty nature means that there is limitless potential for expanding pure vibration. Our interaction with them through playing and listening becomes non-dual oneness through harmony.

The Sound Bath Healing

Our approach to performing sound bath healings is to begin the session by acknowledging our disturbances : emotional, physical, feelings of separation or loss. Feeling our disturbances (or disharmony) is the starting point for healing, as it is in meditation practice. We open ourselves to ourselves, bringing light to our shadow sides. Then we are available to the clear light energy of our true being, which is reinforced by the clear-light harmonic sound of alchemy crystal. We can experience a profound relaxation.

Shannon van Staden performs sound bath healing

Every Bowl is Unique | Infinite Possibilities

The bowls are beautiful to hear, a sign of their purity. And they are beautiful to behold, especially when refracting in sunlight or moonlight. Every bowl is completely unique with it’s own characteristic surface variations, it’s own key, size, shape, color and component structure. We are drawn to some of them like a magnet. They enhance each other. We seek combinations that result in magic. Perhaps two bowls of the same note, one slightly higher, produce a binaural masterpiece you cannot stop listening to.

We began our crystal sound lifestyle with one bowl, a G-40 Mother of Platinum. Slowly we began to expand our family. With the acquisition of two more bowls we realised the power contained in harmonising sets, the power of sound healing.

With each bowl you will find a description of it’s qualities. These are suggestive of what you might experience in your own crystal sound practice. Ultimately they are experiences which are beyond words. When pure sound and pure/impure being mix with opening to ourselves, infinite beautiful qualities can occur spontaneously. They are qualities which are ultimately beyond words, but we put the words down to share something of the wonder of our life and the bowls. Let the bowl descriptions suggest to you hints of the style of your journey forward. Ultimately, what is most important is how you connect with any particular alchemy crystal bowl set.

We love to play the bowls for the simple enjoyment they bring. We often mix playing with sounds in nature. They bring you to a return to nature, in all it’s perfection. What surprised us most is how first the crystal singing bowl captivates you. You tune in. As a result, you tune in to nature more. Sounds of birds or ocean waves, or wind in the bamboo, begin to have a greater healing power as well. Their purity is felt deeply. The world is truly pure.

Our experience with the bowls didn’t stop there. Hints and feelings that perhaps everything under the sun and moon is pure vibration, including our very own thoughts, emerge. Different frequencies, some seen, some heard, some felt, play and float in the pure ground of being. Infinite sense perceptions dance. Love, compassion, joy and equanimity just happen. Transformation through tuning in again and again, in a lifestyle realigned with our true nature.

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Crystal Singing Bowls Europe is dedicated to this journey of discovery. Every bowl is offered with the deep wish that your life journey reaches the pinnacle of perfection and love. We continue to expand our collection and invite you to come back again and again to see what’s new. Acquire, play, and enjoy a lifestyle of becoming whole through the power of sound.


What Are Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls?

“Just like the sun, crystal singing bowls emit photons (life force energy). This energy activates light in the body, and from this light, our consciousness is enhanced and expanded, allowing for personal awakening at the DNA level”.

This quote from Crystal Tones® suggests the profound action of the bowls. Practitioners of sound healing bring together the deep knowledge and healing action of the bowls, mixing it with meditation, yoga and a host of healing practices.

What Do the Bowl Titles Refer To?

What is, for example, a 9” B-30 Moldavite, Morganite, Platinum Bowl? Let’s break it down and get an overall picture of the limitless qualities of the bowls!


The first number, 9”, is the diameter of the bowl in inches. Bowl diameter relates to the octave. Higher sounds are found in the 5”, 6” and 7” bowls. These considered to be accelerating energy. Mid-range sounds/ocatves are produced from 7”, 8” and 9” bowls and associated with centering in the body. Low range sounds/octaves resonate from larger bowls : 10”, 12” and more, and are spoken of as grounding energy. These three ranges correspond with above the body, in the body, and below the body.


In the above example we have a B bowl. This is the note associated with the predominate pitch of the bowl. Bowls will also have overtones, and produce sounds with complex harmonics.

Each note is associated with an energy center (chakra) of the body, or with an endocrine point (sharp notes) for physical healing. 


In the example we have a B-30 bowl. The -30 is the amount in cents the bowl is off true tone pitch. For example, if a piano is properly in tune, the mid arrange A note will be at a pitch of 440 Mhz, 440 cycles/second. This is a true tone pitch. The B note cycles at approximately 466 cycles/second, and here -30 makes it a little lower than that (about 458 Mhz). Cents are calculated from -5 to -50, and from +5 to +50. A B+50 bowl is about the same pitch as a C-50 bowl.

The importance of the cent value is connected with matching bowls in a set, where the bowl values might range within 15 cents of each other. This may create a more harmonious set. However, what’s more important is the felt harmonies when playing the bowls.


The alchemy crystal bowls are made of 99.99% pure quartz crystal combined with other elements, including precious gems and minerals. In the above example, there are three alchemies: Morganite, Moldavite and Platinum. The alchemies produce incredible tones as well as bowls of extraordinary beauty. Each bowl has the quality of being alive, ready to be activated in one’s practice of healing, meditation and musical creation.

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